Prison Ministry
a Haven of Hope


“Peter K. Einstein’s book, The Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope imparted within me a profound sense that prison ministry is not simply remedial intervention, it is one last chance for “connection” to an underserved population that, often, has become disconnected from family, friends or society. In his writing, Pete reveals, in dramatic Continue Reading

Pastor Rich Cline Cornerstone Fellowship A/G Wormleysburg, PA

“The Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope is an epistle of Pete Einstein’s journey through years of prison music ministry. Throughout this book, his stories and examples are realistic and illustrate his own cultural adaptation as a volunteer within the prison system. Pete’s vivid word pictures allow the reader to ‘feel’ and even Continue Reading

Chaplain Hugh Foshee (Retired) Cumberland County Prison Carlisle, Pennsylvania

“God has blessed Pete and Fran Einstein with a long and fruitful ministry to incarcerated men and women. The experience they have gained from those years is insightful as well as thought-provoking. The Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope provides a colorful picture that is helpful, not just for those contemplating ministry within Continue Reading

Mark Kimmel Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration / The Navigators Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Pete Einstein brings to the reader a book that is not only well-written, but one that gives a realistic glimpse into a world that many people would like to forget exists. Throughout the chapters of The Inmate Within, Pete intimately describes the underbelly of prison life, and the many challenges facing incarcerated men and women. Continue Reading

Rev. Debra L. Reitz Facility Chaplaincy Program Director/Volunteer Coordinator / State Correctional Institution at Muncy Muncy, Pennsylvania

“I have known Pete Einstein since elementary school and have watched him develop and deepen his faith over many years. As a man called to ‘remember those in prison,’ Pete has authored a book which brings to life many of the spiritual insights he has gained and wishes to pass along to those who may Continue Reading

Pastor David Herr Tree of Life Church Carlisle, Pennsylvania

“It is because of God’s grace that freedom rings in prisons throughout America. And it is because of the steadfast efforts of believers such as Pete and Fran Einstein that thousands of inmates are answering the call to new life in Jesus Christ. The Inmate Within chronicles the journey of a couple, favored by God, Continue Reading

Director, Leading Inmates in Faith & Education, Inc. Newville, Pennsylvania