Prison Ministry
a Haven of Hope

Pastor Rich Cline

Wormleysburg, PA
December 6, 2017

“Peter K. Einstein’s book, The Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope imparted within me a profound sense that prison ministry is not simply remedial intervention, it is one last chance for “connection” to an underserved population that, often, has become disconnected from family, friends or society. In his writing, Pete reveals, in dramatic detail, how service within the prisons offers the incarcerated the “hope of reconnection.” Through Pete’s compelling adventures in sharing spiritual principles and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he vividly illustrates how any person can experience the ultimate connection with God, the “Father of all,” and begin the process of reintegration into society. The Inmate Within is a ‘must read’ for all who may be considering venturing into prison ministry or for anyone outside prison walls who is currently feeling helpless and disconnected from life!”