Prison Ministry
a Haven of Hope

The Inmate WithinThe Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope shines a light on prison life and the battle of good versus evil behind the razor wire and steel bars. Peter K. Einstein’s action-adventure story illuminates the lives of the incarcerated and the impact prison/music ministry can have on seemingly hopeless and often forgotten men and women. In riveting fashion, Einstein presents, in graphic detail, the nitty-gritty of prison life. From ministry preparation, to approved apparel, to what is permitted within a prison environment – to prison staff and inmate interaction – his book prepares the reader to “participate” in an exciting journey and to witness the life-changing effects of the Gospel message.

The Inmate Within reminds us that we are all in prison in some way, and that the spiritual principles presented can apply to our lives, even if we are not incarcerated in a penal institution.

Einstein takes us behind penitentiary walls, through his prison music ministry, emphasizing the inmates’ humanity…as well as our own. Several decades of experience brings unique understanding of prison life and the complexities of inmates’ lives. The reality: Most prisoners will be released back into society…some will never leave prison…but all can find lasting freedom, even while in captivity.