Prison Ministry
a Haven of Hope

Apostle Otha Ulysses Bell, Jr.

Georgetown, Texas
December 7, 2017

“You will thoroughly enjoy reading this book! The Inmate Within: Prison Ministry, a Haven of Hope, is a testimony of selfless ministry, not only to countless men and women behind prison walls, but to the chaplains, correctional officers and prison officials, as well. Pete documents his ministry experiences in such a way that you, the reader, literally are transported to another world…a different culture, with its own rules, regulations and, often, skewed perceptions of life and living. But for the prison ministry veteran, the ministry neophyte, the curious or the misinformed, the message of The Inmate Within is clear: intentional interaction, relationship-building and the sharing of one’s faith rings the bell of evangelism and ushers in hope – a new birth in Jesus Christ.”